Travel Apps I Don’t Leave Home Without

Last week I shared an essentials checklist for international travel. Like I said then, I try to be as organized as possible to reduce stress while traveling. There are a handful of travel apps I always keep on my phone for planning and executing travel. Having this information readily available (on and offline!) makes traveling […]

Last Minute Checklist for International Travel

Staying organized is half the battle. It is terrible to feel out of sorts and distracted while traveling, and for me, this only happens if I am  disorganized. I keep travel from being anxiety-producing by keeping everything readily available. I figure that as long as I have the absolute essentials, anything else can be sorted. […]

NOLA: Beyond Bourbon

Canal Street NOLA

So, way back when, I cooked up a little surprise for my then-boyfriend. He had a difficult and challenging year in so many ways, so I knew I had to make his birthday extra special. His birthday is directly after Christmas, so I always try to do a little something extra for him as it […]

Anhinga Trail: Everglades Adventure


    South Florida certainly has a lot to offer! From family-friendly Fort Lauderdale, to fancy West Palm, to fantastic Miami : fabulous neighborhoods and incredible food from Little Havana to Wynwood to South Beach, to island fun in the Keys. If you are experiencing any one of the above, I highly recommend taking part of […]

Postcards from Alaska

Alaska Photos | Camping in Alaska | Anchorage | Travel Alaska |

I had a simple refrain when I returned from Alaska–everywhere you look is a postcard. It was breathtakingly, heart-achingly, beautiful nature around every bend. I explored Anchorage a bit–a hip, self-aware city full of totally chill, helpful people, attended the Alaska State Fair, camped by the ocean, road-tripped down the Seward Highway, biked the Tony […]

Sustainable Music Festival? Yes, please.

Can you imagine a rock music festival with only one ounce of waste produced per attendee? It is possible, and it happened yesterday during Rock the Green. To be honest,  the caliber of music acts (NO/NO, Robert Delong, Lord Huron, among many others) would have attracted me to this festival no matter what. The music […]

Door County Spotlight: Ellison Bay, WI

Ellison Bay | Door County | Travel Wisconsin |

Door County is one of the main vacation destinations for Wisconsin and Minnesota–and should be on your radar, too! It’s an easy drive from Milwaukee: hop right on I-43, and be there within two hours. There is so much to see and do in Door County; one post would not be all-encompassing. We visit at […]

8 Foods to Avoid Jet Lag

8 Foods to Avoid Jet Lag |

Flashback Friday to that time that #flashbackfriday was a thing before #tbt was: But really, let’s go back to when I was just knee-high to a grasshopper.. actually, I was 18, but I’m speaking metaphorically here… ‘Twas June of 2007, and I was embarking on my first trans-Atlantic trip to France. This was one of […]

Weekend Getaway: San Francisco

The Mission | Mural Art | Street Photography | San Francisco |

Fall is the perfect time to visit San Francisco, September- November. You could spend months learning the city, but you can jam pack it into a long weekend. The weather is predictably warm and mild in the autumn–summer can actually be cool and unpredictable, though I had wonderful weather when I visited in June a […]

An Ambiguous Review of Houston

Boots at Traders Village in Houston

There are a lot of hospitals. There is a lot of Tex-Mex food. Beyoncé hails from here–what else do you need to know about Houston? JK lol. Houston is this huge, sprawling city in a huge, sprawling state. I learned quickly that there are very few people in Houston from Houston, which gives the city […]